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Facility and Property Managers need to have the best hands working on projects. Finding qualified Subcontractors and finding them fast is crucial. The Blue Book Network puts skilled Subcontractors in front of you while helping you maintain your current industry relationships.

How to find qualified contractors & products in The Blue Book Network

    Pro Services

    A complimentary concierge group that’s on call to connect FMs/PMs with qualified service providers they need.


    The leading industry database search engine,, gives you the opportunity to find contractors based on their qualifications entered in ProView.

    Bidders List

    The Bidders List provides a list of qualified companies with links to their ProView. This allows Facility & Property Mangers the ability to quickly and easy qualify a company for their project.

  • The Who's Who

    This regional magazine provides searchable and featured information on products and services. Making a buying decision just got easier.


    Meet Contractors face-to-face to learn more about their qualifications.

    BPM Select

    Search and specify building product information on the industry’s premier product search engine: Searchable by CSI or keyword, qualify products by any specialization and connect to local distributors.


Qualify Contractors

Once you’ve found Contractors using The Blue Book Network, you’ll easily be able to qualify them for the job with their ProView. That means no more requesting endless pre-qualification forms.

ProView Can Help You Find Qualified Contractors In The Blue Book Network

Available 24/7 To Facility Managers

ProView makes finding qualified Contractors fast and easy. Reduce your search time and access qualified information 24/7. The ProView pages are mobile-optimized and can easily be viewed from a smartphone or tablet when away from the office and on the go.

Provides Key Information

ProView provides key information Facility & Property Managers are looking for when qualifying companies for the next job. Reduce your concerns by viewing a company’s ProView which highlights current and past project experience. Not to mention showcases licenses, certifications and insurance coverage. ProView will help you reduce your time searching for the best qualified Contractor and aid in getting projects completed.


The Concierge Service is a team of Project Communication Specialists available to assist with all project needs, from finding qualified Contractors to ensuring that projects are communicated quickly and efficiently. Guaranteed to save time and money.

Additional Tools For Facility & Property Managers

ONETEAM Pro Services offers personalized and professional managed services for Facility Managers & Property Managers.

Save time with a concierge group that manages support for your vendors, documents, and field-to-office communication.

Save time and hassle by letting us handle your requests for Maintenance & Emergency Services, Service Contracts (Annual/ Seasonal), and Private RFI/RFQ to support outsourcing requirements.

Get connected to qualified local subs as soon as you need them.

Need to get a job done fast? Don’t wait around for the products and materials you need.

One simple request to our concierge team gets you access local and nationwide qualified vendors to get bids.

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