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As a Manufacturer you need to have strong relationships with Architects, Engineers, Design-Build Firms, and Contractors in order to increase your sales. These relationships are key to getting your product specified into plans, holding spec and getting bought. The Blue Book Network puts you in front of the industry to build your business.

Who’s Searching For You?

The Blue Book Network has all the tools Manufacturers need to be found, specified and bought by Architects, Engineers, Design-Build Firms, Contractors, Suppliers, and Facility Managers.

How Are You Getting Found With The Blue Book Network?

  • BPM Select

    Get in front of industry professionals looking to find and specify your products, on the industry’s premier building product search engine. With over 15,000 manufacturers in the Network, you want to make sure you’re ahead of the competition.


    The leading industry database search engine,, gives decision-makers the opportunity to find you based on your product offering entered in ProView. You’ll be visible to your customers at any time they need to purchase products.

    The Who's Who

    This regional magazine provides exclusive exposure to those looking to bring their products and services to the construction market.

  • Page One

    The Blue Book Network Premier Membership includes prime positioning of your company’s ProView listing. This puts your company information directly in front of decision-makers at the most important time in their process.

    Search Engines

    Your ProView gives you the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) you need for prime visibility in online searches.

    Mobile Friendly Image
    Mobile Device

    ProView pages are mobile-optimized and can easily be viewed from a smartphone or tablet.

  • Showcases

    Meet decision-makers face-to-face to promote your company and products. Learn about local project opportunities firsthand.

    Bidders List

    The Blue Book Network can tell you when your customers are invited to bid on projects – increasing your opportunities to hold or break spec.


    Architects, Engineers, Design-Build Firms, Contractors, Suppliers,and Facility Managers are using ProView.Build to find and qualify manufacturers like you.

Gina Herbert
Account Executive
Advanced Products/AVCON Railing Systems

"In the 18 years we have been advertising with Blue Book Network we have seen a steady growth in not only the opportunity for business but also the added benefits offered to Blue Book advertisers. Proview allows us to stay in front of our audience with relevant and current information. Bidscope is user friendly, up to date and rich with bid opportunities, making it a wonderful tool for our sales department. The Blue Book Showcase hosted throughout the year adds a layer of relationship building strategies toour marketing plan. We are happy to report that The Blue Book will continue to be an essential component in our Sales and Marketing efforts for years to come."

Get Specified

Once you’re found in The Blue Book Network, your products can be specified for a project with your ProView, a visual representation of your company’s products.

What Can ProView Do For You?

    The Blue Book Network utilizes BlueSearch Technology and provides decision-makers laser-targeted results based on the information entered into your ProView.

    ProView gives buyers 24/7 access to your product specifications. At any given time decision-makers searching our Network can easily filter their project criteria and find your company based on the product specifications listed in your ProView. Quickly update images or information in your ProView, so decision-makers can find relevant up-to-date product information.

    A complete ProView highlights your company’s products by showcasing your product information offered. Upload product images to visually show the decision-makers what you have to offer.

    ProView is an online resume of your company that works in conjunction with your website to increase your visibility online. This is the perfect opportunity to stand out among your competition and show what makes your products unique so you can get specified into their plans.

    Easily build relationships and create network opportunities on the largest commercial construction network. ProView connects you to the industry’s most active buying and hiring network and puts your products in front of the right eyes. Put your specifications in front of decision-makers that you want to connect with for more project opportunities. Connect your ProView to everyone in the industry. Get found through your connections. Build your own referral network inside the industry’s most active network.

    Your company name and a link to your ProView will be promoted on every project Bidders List that you show interest in or are reportted as a bidder. An eye-catching ProView icon appears next to your company name to encourage clicks and links directly to your ProView.

Get Projects

Finding projects in the design phase isn’t always easy, so The Blue Book Network created a product that allows for you to do just that. We can put you in touch with your customers when they are invited to bid on a project and when they are ready to buy.

Find commercial construction projects where your type of product is specified, increase sales and build profitable relationships with the people that influence and purchase your projects.

BidScope can help you target projects before products are specified, projects that have your product spec'd and ones that have your competitor's product spec'd, giving you opportunities to get specified, hold spec or break spec.

Learn more about Bidscope

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Project Pipeline is the best customer relationship management solution for construction professionals who want to organize, streamline and maximize their sales productivity to win more work. Manufacturers of all sizes are losing out on many opportunities due to the complexities of their sales process and we have the tool that can help!

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