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As a Subcontractor, your relationships mean everything. Get in front of the industry and build new connections as a member of The Blue Book Network. Grow your business and maintain contacts.

Who’s Searching For You?

General Contractors, Owners, Facility Managers and Government Agencies, Real Estate Developers and Institutions are using The Blue Book Network to find and qualify Subcontractors like you.


How Are You Getting Found With The Blue Book Network?

  • BlueSearch

    The leading industry database search engine,, helps decision-makers find you based on your ProView qualifications.

    Page One

    The Blue Book Network Premier Membership includes prime positioning of your company’s ProView listing. This puts your company information directly in front of decision-makers at the most important time in their process.

    The Who's Who

    This regional magazine provides exclusive exposure to those looking to bring their products and services to the construction market.

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    Mobile Device

    ProView pages are mobile-optimized and can easily be viewed from a smartphone or tablet.

    Search Engines

    Your ProView has the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) you need for prime visibility in online searches.

    Bidders List

    Your company name and a link to your ProView will be promoted on every project Bidders List that you show interest in or are reported as a bidder. This allows industry decision-makers to quickly qualify your company for the project.

  • Showcases

    Meet decision-makers face-to-face to promote your company and qualifications. Learn about local project opportunities firsthand.


    General Contractors, Owners, Facility Managers and Government Agencies, Real Estate Developers and Institutions are using ProView.Build to find and qualify subcontractors like you.

Edward F. Schwartz
Paladin Pest Control, LLC

"I love it, because of The Blue Book Network I am in communication with the decision makers. I have the opportunity to showcase my company's qualifications and how we can help those who use our services."


Get Qualified

Once you’re found in The Blue Book Network, you can easily be pre-qualified for a job with your ProView, a visual representation of your company’s work.

What Can ProView Do For You?

    The Blue Book Network utilizes BlueSearch Technology and provides decision-makers laser-targeted results based on the information entered into your ProView.

    ProView gives decision-makers 24/7 access to your qualifications. At any given time your company’s experience can be reviewed on the largest commercial construction network in the industry. This is the perfect opportunity to stand out among your competition and show what makes your company unique.

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    A complete ProView pre-qualifies you to buyers in The Blue Book Network and highlights your company’s achievements by showcasing past and current projects. Upload images to show what you can accomplish.

    ProView works in conjunction with your website to increase your online visibility. You can easily add to and edit your ProView from one place, while it is accessed from multiple places by decision-makers looking to hire.

    ProView has built in SEO and is optimized for Search Engines.

    Get ProView Now
    Easily build relationships and create network opportunities with The Blue Book, the largest in the commercial construction industry. ProView connects you to the industry’s most active buying and hiring network and puts your qualifications in front of the right eyes. Put your experience in front of the decision-makers you want to connect to in order to gain more project opportunities.

    Connect your ProView to everyone in the industry and help your company get found through those connections. Build your own referral list inside the industry’s most active network.

    Get ProView Now
    Your company name and a link to your ProView will be promoted on every project Bidders List that you show interest in or are reported as a bidder.

    An eye-catching ProView icon appears next to your company name to encourage clicks and links directly to your ProView.

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Get Projects

We understand the pain that comes with bidding, so The Blue Book Network created a product that makes it easy to find the right projects for your business. Now you can save time and energy by focusing on the leads that are actually worth pursuing.

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Easily find commercial projects targeted to your trade for your company and build profitable relationships with the Owners, General Contractors, and Facility Managers behind them.

With a team of local consultants and over 8,500 active users submitting projects on our Network, you will be sure to find the right opportunities right for you!

Learn more about Bidscope

Project Team

& Beyond

Over 250 highly-trained consultants and reporters are building local relationships and getting you high value, hard-to-find projects in all construction stages.

Additional Tools For Subcontractors

Subcontractors of all sizes are losing out on many opportunities due to the complexities of the bidding process. Projects aren’t tracked efficiently, owners lack visibility into their bidding efforts and valuable time is wasted from manual processes. Project Pipeline is the best customer relationship management solution for Subcontractors who want to organize, streamline and maximize their sales productivity to win more work.

Submit one request for a quote and receive multiple bids. Get bids on everything from field office trailers and portable toilets to drywall materials and doors.

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